Redhead Design Studio

Kelly Glass

Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m Kelly, the quiet kid in the corner — usually puzzling out a design, drawing, or daydreaming.

From a young age, I knew I would one day have a creative career. Mainly because if an assignment in school didn’t involve coloring, glitter, or finger-paint, I found it extremely dull. Over the years I have dreamed about what career I might have. I’ve imagined myself a game designer, an illustrator of children’s books (still something I dream about), a painter with my art hung in galleries, and even a concept artist at Pixar living way out in California. Other than being creative endeavors, it might not seem like those things are all that similar. But at their core, they all bring joy. Deep down, I always wanted my work to be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

I studied Art and Design at Lansing Community College and then at Northern Michigan University. After briefly considering animation (another imagined career path), I committed to a degree in graphic communications. Design allows me to dabble in so many areas of art that I love, but most importantly, it is transforming dull, mundane things into rainbows and butterflies. At least, that’s how I look at it. Most people just call it “nice design.”

When I can, I love to use cheery color schemes, fun illustrative elements, and anything remotely quirky. Here at Redhead, I feel like I have found my dream job (because, let’s be honest, being a designer at a creative firm in a big city was definitely on my list). I get to create beautiful designs that motivate, inspire, and hopefully radiate a bit of joy to whoever interacts with them.

Probably not very surprising...when I’m not designing I’m drawing by the lake near my apartment, wandering the children’s section at the local bookstore, playing video games with my sisters, watching animated films, reading terrible YA fantasy, writing terrible YA fantasy, or running my Etsy shop.

Kelly Glass