Redhead Design Studio

Who we are,
deep down

Our Values


We approach each project with distinction, identifying creative solutions and strategies that inspire audiences to consider a new perspective.


We are committed to expanding our point of view, remaining open-minded, and understanding others' experiences to develop equitable solutions that promote positive change.


Across our team, we apply numerous areas of expertise to our work, strategize with intentionality, and believe that there is always more to be learned.


We do the right thing — whether it's serving as a dependable, trustworthy support system for our clients or standing up for causes we believe in.

Our Philosophy

We believe that through sound strategy, creativity, and execution, we can help improve our world and make it a smarter, more beautiful, and more equitable place. We choose to work with clients who share the following values:

1. Successful work hinges on a strong client-agency team.

Both client and agency bring invaluable expertise to the table. To create an effective outcome, one side’s voice cannot overshadow the other; it’s a balance that requires all decision makers to be engaged. We seek clients who share this philosophy, and are willing to share their own knowledge and acknowledge ours.

2. It’s our job to make your job easier.

This means checking our ego; holding ourselves accountable and catching the things that fall; being friendly, inclusive, and helpful; being transparent. It means a deep focus on project management and account service, which fosters excellent outcomes. Of course clients want excellent work. (We’ll get to that). We believe a positive experience helps that happen.

3. We respect expertise.

We strongly believe in working with the best and recognizing excellence. We enjoy assembling teams of like-minded expert practitioners. We understand that you come to us with your own highly skilled internal team or trusted existing relationships. We can’t wait to get to know them and work together.

4. Exceptional work is non-negotiable.

Premium work is the core of what we do — mediocre work would be a disservice to the agency-client relationship, to the goals at hand, and ultimately to your mission. This means we subscribe to the notion of kind ruthlessness — occasionally telling you what you don’t want to hear or pushing boundaries respectfully. We do this in order to meet your goals and respect our own standards.

Our values set the foundation for our work, and for good reason. We've seen it time and time again: When a client's values align with our own, beautiful, impactful change happens.