Redhead Design Studio

Jake Johns

Web Development Director

I really didn’t go to school, but I've done alright figuring things out for myself. I worked at the LCC Computer lab for a while. I took some film classes, but not very seriously. I spend a lot of time on Github, I follow a number of developers who I think are doing good work. I pay attention to the FIG (framework interop group), and other standards bodies. I waste a lot of time on IRC.

At Redhead I write custom content management systems and web applications, primarily with PHP. I administrate our servers as well, mostly Linux machines. I'm a fan of open source software. I like open standards and interoperability.

I like creative problem-solving with computers. I like making clever, elegant solutions to problems and building structured systems that organize information. I'm pretty good with a yo-yo. I can pogo stick pretty good. I'm not a pro, but I can solve a Rubik’s Cube pretty fast. I think math is cool.

Jake Johns