Redhead Design Studio

Tony Beyers

Technology Director

I always search for the simplest answer first. Powerful, elegant solutions need not be overcomplicated or overengineered. In my eyes, glitz and glamor fall flat without sound strategy taking precedence.

Web development is exciting for many reasons, but most of all because of the sheer amount of people a website can reach. When executed properly, a website is one of the most powerful storytelling tools available. Websites are the product of collaboration and combined effort — seeing all that work come to fruition on launch day is one of my favorite things about the job.

I graduated from Michigan State University with bachelor degrees in finance and computer science, then worked at MSU for 21 years. Now I’m here at Redhead — all by chance. I was biking around Downtown Lansing when I started to follow the sounds of live music. It led me to just outside the Redhead office where I spotted Jen. Two days later, I accepted a job offer.

Needless to say, biking is a favorite activity of mine and I often bike to the office. I run a drone photography business and enjoy photographing landscapes and my dog, Hamish. It’s hard to find a better subject.

Tony Beyers