Redhead Design Studio

Moe Ferland

Digital Media Specialist

Hi! I’m Moe.

From the time I figured out how to hold a pencil or crayon, there was one in my hand. I was the kid that would get in trouble for drawing outside of “craft-time,” and then would continue to draw anyway. I knew exactly what I was doing and held my creativity very close to me.

I grew up in a town where the arts weren’t funded or cared for, so I embraced every single opportunity to create. I realized, as I was graduating high-school, that the frustration of that town had actually sprung me forward into a life of curiosity and ambition. I became a professional artist at the age of 16 and, from that point on, I began thinking of how to keep my creativity close to me.

When I started college at Michigan State University, I was actually — wait for it — a pre-veterinary medicine major. I was going to be a large-animal veterinarian that worked with draft horses. Thinking that being creative on the side would fulfill me was silly and didn’t last — I then immersed myself in making and only making, and learned that pursuing my creativity was the right path for me. I was excited to begin walking that path and, when I realized that I can use my creativity to help others, I began to sprint.

Creating for the sake of aesthetics isn’t what appeals to me about design. The empathy and help you can give to someone through what you make is what appeals to me. I think back to being a child and how my creativity allowed me to navigate this world in a happier and better way, and that’s what I hope to do for others. Redhead has always been at the top of my list of teams that could help cultivate a career in helping the people I create for, and being a part of this team feels nothing shy of perfect.

Outside of all that jazz, you can find me powerlifting, planting flowers and herbs, drinking the sweetest and cheapest white wine I can find, and relaxing with my boys (cats) Ampersand and RGB.

Moe Ferland