Redhead Design Studio

Linda Estill


Being the numbers person in an office full of creatives is somewhat like herding cats. I pay bills, receive clients payments, prepare bank deposits, monitor the bank and credit card accounts, and create invoices. I create reports for Jen to oversee all of these activities and special reports to analyze client jobs and the company’s health. I make sure all the numbers balance.

I like having a job that allows me to work with such creative people. I like being able to keep the back-side financial part of the business in order so the team can create great content and strategies for our clients. My guess is vendors like that there's a numbers person around so the checks go out like clockwork.

I love to read, knit, and crochet. I like being partially retired and being able to be with my family more, helping with the transportation for my grandsons' many activities.

My career has taken me through being an educator and a manager. I have a bachelor's degree in math with a minor in secondary education from Ohio Northern University, and a master's in math and computer science (summa cum laude, thank you very much) from California University of Pennsylvania.

The best part of being the most senior staff member is being able to impress these kids with the fact that I got to be a hippie when that was a real thing and experience things like seeing Martin Luther King Jr. speak at my college campus.

Linda Estill