Redhead Design Studio

Caleb Johnson

Marketing Specialist

I used to be a magician, if that tells you anything.

These days I enjoy putting my deft skills to use in other ways. Here at Redhead, that looks like leading marketing efforts across our delightful spectrum of brands, supporting and producing client work, and managing timelines to ensure strategic implementation.

Writing is my preferred medium, usually with a touch of dry humor. I believe storytelling is the best way to communicate any message, even if brevity isn’t always my strongest suit.

My professional journey has spanned both in-house work for large brands and agency experience, but there’s no better feeling than seeing the impact of your effort in your own community. I can’t deny that I take great pride in being a Lanstronaut.

Outside work, I’m usually reading or talking about books, looking for a show to see, or honing my home chef skills. And no introduction would be complete without mentioning my unwavering appreciation for the legendary Patti LaBelle, whose music often serves as the soundtrack to my creative endeavors.

Caleb Johnson