Redhead Design Studio

Lansing 5:01

Web Development, Content Strategy
Building a sleek, cohesive website to attract young talent to a broad region of municipalities.

Uniting many municipalities

Lansing 5:01 is an initiative driven to retain and attract residents to the Greater Lansing, Michigan region. Our task? To unite a number of small municipalities into one cohesive region through Lansing 5:01’s new website, emphasizing each area’s unique appeal whilst proving a strong case for the broader region as an ideal place for young professionals to settle down.

Setting the visual tone

We started by researching and brainstorming the qualities of the Greater Lansing region that have potential to attract young talent. When we nailed down these factors (such as attainable housing and nightlife), we partnered with a photographer who could provide exceptional photography to set a mood to tonally articulate the vibe of the region. By stripping away preconceived notions about the area, we created a global, holistic view of what Greater Lansing has to offer. This fresh perspective and modern visual tone ignored any pre-existing divisions and, instead, presented the region as the large metropolitan leader it is.

Navigation with the end-user in mind

When developing Lansing 5:01’s website, we devoted a significant amount of time to planning navigation. We organized “Community” pages in a way that would appeal to both prospective residents and local leaders. For the site’s “Amenity” pages, we identified assets that would be important to prospective residents and wrote original copy that set the tone for the region’s forward-looking persona. By developing a logical method for young talent to connect with local employers through the site, we brought the client’s vision of boosting the local economy full-circle. (Bonus points? The site is award-winning — earning a Silver at the 2020 American Advertising Awards local chapter.)