Redhead Design Studio

Delta Institute

Campaign Development, Web Development
Mobilizing stewardship and advocacy for Lake Michigan.

Building a movement.

Some causes require—and evoke—a visceral reaction that is deeper than a marketing campaign. Around these parts, ask about The Lake, and there is rarely a doubt that you’re talking about Lake Michigan. Give lake lovers a way to express their commitment wrapped in an ultra-current aesthetic, and it's an obvious win.

Advocacy goes guerrilla.

A movement means taking action. Our photo frame allows lake lovers to express what their hearts are tied to, and encourages them to get a little sand between their toes. A properly developed and executed hashtag allows community and conversation to build.

The work behind the beauty.

Our earliest work with Delta Institute was helping to brand and develop a web presence for the Lake Michigan Form and Watershed Academy. These are the folks who solve the real problems of lake health and sustainability.