Redhead Design Studio

BOLD Lansing

Website development, Naming
Uniting a partnership and encouraging financial stability through a cohesive name and brand.

Bringing six partners together as one

BOLD Lansing, a collection of finance and education partners, came to us with the need for a unified name and brand. The primary challenge was uniting five distinct entities under a common identity and cause, while finding a way to engage target families very early in the postsecondary education planning process.

Gathering information and data

To encourage cohesion, we held meetings to gather each partner's perspective regarding the challenges associated with encouraging local families to save for higher education. This information, along with client-collected data, further supported our messaging and direction. We landed on a hyper-accessible brand that would simplify complex information for families.

Naming and designing with intent

After conceptualizing a new name and logo for the organization that expressed the idea of boldly chasing a strong future, we developed two versions of a website to house BOLD Lansing’s resources and action plan. This project included wholesale content generation, from start to finish, as well as social media strategy.