Redhead Design Studio

Render Studios

Naming, Brand Development
Repositioning a powerhouse video production studio while retaining brand equity.

Finding a new name that fits

Render Studios had 35 years of success in the books under the name of Such Video when they came to us for a rebrand and to help reposition the company. When you've had a successful history and dependable brand, change is not to be taken lightly. Our task: to develop a new name and wrap-around brand platform. We started with deep research into existing brand perceptions and the principal's aspirations for the next 35 years.

Positioning and articulating the brand

What makes a brand unique? What makes their offerings any better or worse than the next guy? Audiences need to know. We helped Render's leadership articulate their vision in a way that accurately represented where they wanted to go, inspired their team, capitalized on their very best qualities, and narrated their journey and successes.

Getting the launch right

A brand relaunch is a distinct opportunity to re-engage existing audiences. It allows loyalists to reconsider and reinvest in their affinity for what you offer. It's also an opportune moment to capture mindshare with new audiences. From getting internal audiences on board to timing direct mail and digital launch precisely, elegance and planning are crucial and no detail is too small. Here's to another 35 years of beautiful video from Render Studios.