Redhead Design Studio

Our secret crush: publications

Content Strategy, Design
Developing publications that are tuned in to both content and audience.

Conceptual thinking

Capturing the soul of an organization means more than outlining yearly stats in an annual report. It means developing a conceptual layer and narrative that captures the reader. For a client like the Firecracker Foundation, it means gently (or not) bringing readers into the reality of trauma and healing. It means taking them through the journey, asking them to imagine, and inspiring them into action.

Birthing an annual

When a client is new to annual reports, we help guide them through the process. We suggest innovative ways to communicate data, we dig deep to help them articulate what was notable about the year in review, and we talk about the goals and call to action that can inform the publication's concept. For Habitat for Humanity Capital Region, that meant articulating the broad effects of housing insecurity in our community, and the many ways the organization addresses the problem.

Hitting the details

We'll be honest, nothing feels better than well-set typography, a clear and organized chart, or strategic white space. Small details matter. A lot. And understanding when to go corporate or soft or loud or playful when we work on projects? That is based in understanding the client deeply, and aligning with their overall goals.