Redhead Design Studio

Ingham County Health Department

Campaign development, Web development
Reducing the stigma associated with HIV through a campaign focused on autonomy and empowerment.

Identifying the primary challenge

Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) provides accessible community health services. After working with the department on several campaigns in the past, ICHD reached out for support on a new campaign to encourage HIV testing and treatment. First, we needed to address the root challenge: reducing the stigma associated with HIV.

Understanding the community

We first conducted extensive research through focus groups, meetings with health professionals, and one-on-one interviews with people living with HIV. One common thread we noticed: Our target audience was not defined by HIV. Thus, This is life with HIV — a campaign to emphasize that those living with HIV can still live full, vibrant lives — was born.

Meeting the audience where they are

We designed a website, billboards, and social posts featuring custom photography of real people living with HIV who were willing to share their advice and stories. Audience-specific messaging addressed the most common obstacles to testing and treatment, and concepts for guerrilla marketing tactics aimed to reach those who needed to hear the message most.