Redhead Design Studio

Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives at MSU

Campaign Development, Marketing
Engaging students to end sexual assault at one of America’s largest universities.

Balancing awareness with attention.

Sexual assault prevention is a sensitive topic. For many students, the definitions are fuzzy. They shouldn’t be. We visualized those blurred lines via images of tipping point scenarios for the occurrence of sexual assault. Paired with the firm “no excuse” mantra, the campaign makes a sharp point.

Multi-modal outreach is key.

How do you reach over 49,000 students? By giving them options. Tactile mediums such as buttons, water bottles, T-shirts, balloons, stickers, and banners give the campaign traveling legs and spur questions—where real discourse and change can occur.

Supporting conversations.

It certainly takes more than a good headline, posters, and tchotchkes to enact change. Social media tools allow engagement with MSU students at a more personal level. Ad placements promoting events invite students to join the movement and be part of the solution.