Redhead Design Studio

Peckham Inc.

Design, Brand Development
Positioning a mission-driven market leader for decades of growth through a brand refresh and realignment.

Assessing needs for future growth

As a nonprofit organization that provides employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, Peckham is a market leader — but it lacked the brand and tools to express this. After identifying the organization’s strengths and opportunities, we determined that a brand refresh and realignment of Peckham’s vision and mission was in order to keep up with direct competitors.

Aligning voice with vision

On top of developing a brand that spoke meaningfully to both Peckham’s “business” and “mission” arms, we aimed to provide everyone — from leadership to those at the front desk — with a purpose-driven voice to engender brand loyalty. Across Peckham’s varied lines of business, we created an organization-wide brand system to support sales and help Peckham compete nationally.

Making an intentional mark

We reflected Peckham’s integrity, drive, and excellence through a comprehensive brand system, including a new mark that visually represents driving business forward. New brand systems for each line of Peckham's business outlined every detail of execution. By clarifying best practices across every platform and coaching vendors, we were able to ensure strong long-term brand deployment.