Redhead Design Studio

Michigan Fitness Foundation

Campaign Development, Social Media Management
Modernizing a multi-media campaign to encourage parents to model healthy nutrition and physical activity choices.

A fresh approach

The Michigan Fitness Foundation's previous "They Learn From Watching You" campaign aimed to inspire parents in Michigan to display healthy nutrition and physical activity decisions to their children. We identified the need for a revamped campaign with a lighter tone, both visually and through language. This included a new name, message, and visual aesthetic.

Determining strategy through research

Through quantitative research we found that, to inspire our target audience, we needed straightforward messaging and diverse representation. During planning, we conceptualized a succinct campaign tagline, as well as billboard and bus wrap headlines. We agreed that "Healthy choices catch on" was simple, direct, and would serve this campaign well.

Bringing the vision to life

To start, we developed creative campaign concepts for three phases: summer, harvest, and holidays. We then organized and art directed photoshoots, refined copywriting, and collaborated with photographers, models, and vendors. After outlining a comprehensive, two-year social media strategy, we created and maintained new social accounts and managed digital ad distribution to bring this campaign to life.