Redhead Design Studio

Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University

Web Development, Design
Overhauling a top-ranked institution's website to align its online reputation with its reality.

Research and planning

A website is arguably an organization's most relevant and powerful marketing tool. When planning a website overhaul for Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, we identified a gap between the College's top-ranked status and its online presence. Collaborating with the client, organizing a strong information architecture, and conducting research with our target market were all critical for planning a website based on user needs, rather than on guesswork or institutional design. (Revolutionary, we know.)

Identifying creative solutions

We believe strongly that all aspects of a website are interconnected, and should be considered holistically. Photography choices, rhetoric, design, development, and business goals should all work together. With the Broad website, we maintained a focus on technology, design, and marketing strategy, as one of these factors simply couldn't exist without the others. This involved designing a fresh, straightforward interface and drafting engaging, search engine-optimized content. Together with the client, we were able to condense 20+ sites with 1000+ pages down to one cleaner, more effective, and efficient presence.

Prioritizing ease of use

We believe in accessibility as best practice. In good documentation. In logical site mapping and content hierarchy. For Broad's site, front-end and back-end development promoted a seamless experience for administrative users to continually update. From an end-user standpoint, an amped-up news presence allowed for more timely and dynamic content–because a website should never be a stationary presence.