Redhead Design Studio

City of Mount Clemens

Brand development, Design
Appealing to the next generation of residents while honoring a storied past through a personalized visual brand and voice.

Uniting a diverse population

Located in Southeast Michigan, the City of Mount Clemens found itself at a turning point, seeking support in developing a new, cohesive brand that would appeal to both new and current residents under a united identity. Starting with little to no branding, the city needed an updated visual representation, language, tone, and messaging that would bring residents together and inspire them to build a future in Mount Clemens. With a diverse population of 16,800, we knew we would need to generate authentic buy-in from the community, focusing on future growth while paying homage to the city's rich history.

Gathering authentic perspectives through research

To identify and assess residents' points of pride and areas for growth, we surveyed more than 1,100 locals. With this data, we noticed commonalities across demographics when it came to positive assets of Mount Clemens: the city's commitment to the arts, its inclusivity, a strong history, and the iconic Clinton River. From here, we were able to develop messaging and visuals that would appeal to Mount Clemens residents' actual priorities and perspectives – because when it comes to rebranding a city, local credibility is key.

Crafting a personalized visual brand

We began brand development by establishing a voice for the city, including an updated mission, vision, and values based on community input. The visual brand included a new, fresh logo that paid homage to Mount Clemens's well-loved river; a city seal; a suite of print material templates such as a letterhead, business cards, and signs; a flag; and even the conception and illustration of a new city mascot, Paddles the rubber duck. A detailed launch plan helped establish a seamless brand rollout, with suggestions for introducing the new brand to the public in a manner that would spark city pride.