Redhead Design Studio

Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Design, Web Development
Utilizing avant-garde design and accessible development to engage new demographics with the performing arts.

Pushing creative limits

The arts offer an opportunity to design outside the norm — but striking a balance between avant-garde and accessiblity is where strategy comes in. With Wharton Center for Performing Arts, an elegant existing brand set the stage for our own artistic expression through print and digital season books, which we organized with logic and strategy.

Assessing industry trends

In the entertainment industry, the world is your competition; though distinctly different, live theatre competes for audience eyes alongside everything from the local basketball game to the latest Netflix series. Therefore, we immediately understood that this catalog was about more than sharing information. It was about gathering mindshare and building relevancy for the experience of live theatre.

Following a purposeful narrative

For each catalog, we developed a consistent and cohesive narrative that would seamlessly blend both print and digital pieces. Contemporary cover design kept pace with the performing arts industry to attract new audiences, and emotion-driven content mimicked the intimate experience of live theatre. Just like the arts themselves, this project was a tool to evoke action and engagement.