Redhead Design Studio

MSU Federal Credit Union

Design, brand development
Designing a visual refresh that prompted scalability and innovation for a community-centric financial institution.

Identifying the need for a refresh

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) is a financial institution with a strong reputation in and around its community. While its original look had served it well for more than 40 years, this visual system was no longer practical from an accessibility and scalability standpoint. We got to work developing a new logo and subsequent visual system.

Getting the type just right

We knew MSUFCU's mark needed to strike a careful balance between its energetic, playful personality and its trustworthy, dependable corporate responsibilities. We created a new mark with three lines to hint at the "M" in MSUFCU's form, while symbolizing its commitment to members, employees, and the community. Lowercase, hand-rendered typography promoted legibility and helped convey the client's welcoming yet professional tone.

Preparing a steady launch

Because of MSUFCU's broad membership (ranging in age from teens to those 100+), we developed launch tactics for the new mark that were deliberate, considerate, and steady. Language like "Same dreams, new look" expressed that, while MSUFCU was refreshing its visual presence, its core identity was remaining untouched. With this launch, MSUFCU was able to stay true to its roots while introducing a modern look that will serve it well for decades to come.