Redhead Design Studio

Michigan College Access Network

Brand development, Web development
Developing a modern brand to accurately represent and garner credibility for a leader in college access.

Bringing a reputation up-to-date

Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) — an organization that aims to increase college completion in Michigan, particularly among low-income students and students of color — had become a national leader within the college access space. But its clunky website and marketing assets didn’t reflect that. From visuals to language, everything needed a ground-up overhaul.

Identifying the root purpose

After conducting internal focus groups, we recommended that MCAN expand into the broader benefits of equity and access for both students and our state. From this, we determined a path to express how MCAN increases equity through college access. With this, the network could realign its brand to reflect the driven internal culture that was its reality.

Uniting design and accessibility

We took on an entire overhaul of MCAN’s web presence, including improved content organization and a responsive, ADA-compliant system. New brand executions prepped MCAN with the tools it needed to enter its next decade of service. With this rebrand, MCAN was able to refocus on the core of its mission: building equity through college access.