Redhead Design Studio

Ingham County Health Department

Campaign Development, Marketing Strategy
Using strategic multi-media representation to remind women that their health matters.

Identifying the call to action

The Ingham County Health Department came to us with statistics supporting an overwhelmingly common public health issue: Many women devote so much time to supporting their families that they aren't able to focus on themselves, leading to a number of physical and mental health risks. Women who lack travel resources or are pressed for time are especially at-risk. Our task was to create a multi-media campaign to increase awareness about women's health–convincing women to make time for their own well-being, for a change.

Meeting women where they are

Launching a multi-media campaign is a lot more than sharing content across as many mediums as possible. It requires meeting your target market where they are, and communicating in a way that fits their lifestyles. Simplicity was the answer; it only takes a few words in the middle of a woman's busy day to make a difference, so we kept messaging succinct. By translating content into multiple languages, we were able to effectively reach a variety of audiences.

Connection through representation

A funny thing happens when the audience is able to see themselves represented in a marketing campaign: they listen. Custom photography showcased local women from multiple demographics. We made a point to display a variety of moods, from joy to contemplation, to demonstrate the complexity of our target audience. Across many of our campaigns, honesty and authenticity resonate. Because–surprise–they work.