Redhead Design Studio

Ingham Intermediate School District

Research, Rebranding
Responding to the changing education landscape with a new name, brand, and outlook.

Positioning and research

Nothing feels better than a good SWOT analysis—it clarifies your thinking and it uncovers contradictory perceptions. Combined with a deep dive into strategic goals and competitive landscape. We started by recommending a rename with a purpose: taking Capital Area Career Center to Wilson Talent Center, naming the school after a beloved former board member.

Nice to (re)meet you

With a new name and a fresh new energy for helping students get a jump on their credentials, we helped Wilson freshen outreach materials and succinctly tell their story to the schools and students they serve. A sophisticated yet energetic color palette and a clear positioning statement confirm Wilson as a stepping stone to both college and technical careers.

Usable tools

Ensuring a client has the tools and tactics to successfully implement a brand long-term is perhaps just as important as getting the brand right in the first place, and helping subsequent partners deploy materials that are true to vision. The result? A strong, refined, and confident new outlook for a school that is turning out impressive grads. All-around win.