Redhead Design Studio

United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Direct Mail, Social Engagement
Supporting Healthy Bones and Capturing New Markets

Tricky audiences mean clever solutions

Teens in Michigan—particularly girls—don’t get nearly enough calcium to keep their rapidly growing bones healthy. And while relying on Mom to chide, “drink your milk!” is indeed a tried-and-true method, it’s not always enough. Enlisting the support of pediatricians to open the door to this mercurial market was the way to go, and direct mail was the best vehicle.

Everything we learned in school

From researching the psychology of teen girls to problem-solving the geometry of packaging to wordsmithing a compelling message, we aced all the AP courses on this one. We also developed strategy for turning what would have been a one-time interaction with teens into an ongoing social media engagement.

End goal—support & health

What do teens need? Support and celebration of what makes them great, an empowering tone, and some easy nutrition information. Campaign language and an aesthetic specifically crafted to resonate with Generation Z means the client is helping to build strong bones now, and cultivating a new generation of milk purchasers for later.