Redhead Design Studio

The powers of marketing should be used for good, not evil.

We believe marketing has the power to change the world.

We speak of massive change in geological terms — changing tides, moving mountains. The winds of change. Metaphors born of the voluminous effort the universe requires. And often our lives and our missions feel the same.

The needs are too vast. Too much to carry. Overwhelming.

And this, dear reader, fellow bleeding heart, is where both opportunity and misconception exist.

The misconception.

Marketing is too often perceived as a transactional tool. A distraction from the real work. It is perceived as an effort to move a commodity — come to my event, contribute to my fundraiser, sign up for my list, choose my product.

There is a place for those actions, of course. But they are not where opportunity exists. In all honesty, they are quite ineffectual in the scheme of things. These perceived needs distract us from the true finish line, draining our resources and our energy.

Our fear? You spend too much time in this mindset and on this path.

Moving the mountain.

Opportunity exists where we win people to our way of thinking. Where we change perceptions, thus changing behaviors, thus fundamentally altering our culture. Just imagine: If enough people signed on to the belief that [insert your progressive, do-gooder cause here], your vision would be achieved. Your load would be lightened. You could take a long sabbatical and come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next great cause.

You would no longer be hustling support to fix outcomes. You would have solved causation.

Now, that’s a sea change.

It is time to move away from that commodity driven, transactional marketing. The analgesic that makes you feel like you’re doing something. That allows you to say you’ve taken action and feel good about it, even if it’s not going to solve anything notable in the end, really.

Stop selling commodities.
Start selling enrollment.

One person converted to your way of thinking is worth ten believers signing up for your mailing list.
You will not change a mind by arguing.
You will not change a mind by saying "you’re wrong."
You will not change a mind by presenting data alone.

You will change a mind by finding deep, foundational common ground and starting there.
You will change a mind when you uncover your authentic voice and amplify it.
You will change a mind when you keep your vision and purpose at the forefront.

We call this brand marketing.

And it holds immense power for you.

It means grounding your decisions and basing your marketing on why it matters. Asking: What is to be gained at the end of the day? What better world is out there when individuals align with your way of thinking?

This is the sharing of your vision, not the selling of your product. This is helping people understand why your way of thinking is good and honest and true and worth supporting.

This can only happen when you speak from your foundation. We’re not shouting from the mountaintops here. We’re whispering from the valleys and holding hands as we lift everyone up to admire the glorious view.

Phew! Such a lofty speech. Let’s talk the specifics, shall we:

Is this often true?

  • You consider marketing a nuisance.
  • You assume doing the (good) work is enough.
  • You think marketing is expensive.
  • You discount the pure power of promoting your brand position.

When you do venture into marketing, are you doing it wrong?

  • Yelling declarative statements ("We must..." "It is critical…”) rather than convincing with a soft voice.
  • Spending budgets on low-level wins.
  • Focusing your efforts and budgets on the wrong audiences.

We believe, deep in our bones, that effectiveness is achieved through brand strategy.

  • Understand who you are.
  • Explain why you believe what you do.
  • Inspire people to believe in your cause, too.

The highest form of marketing is brand positioning.

  • Remind people of your cause.
  • Inspire them to join it.
  • Show them how.

And it can work for you.

Marketing, when used for good over evil, can change tides.

In case you forgot:


  • Equity
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Kindness
  • Education


  • Profit above people
  • Bigotry
  • Irresponsibility disguised as freedom