Redhead Design Studio

Midwest, our time has come once again.

We have fertile land.
We have four seasons.
We have creative people who know how to invent things.
We have dedicated people who work unbelievably hard.
We have diversity and we have hope.
We know how to solve problems.
We. Have. Water.

Our culture has been distracted for far too long by the glamour of aqua waves and ridiculous temperatures. Well. We say, let the faint of heart enjoy the comfort.

Let the brave of heart come here. For this is, once again, the place that will build America. Just you wait.

The truth is, the world needs us now at our best, at our most Midwestern-ness. The hardworking. The innovative, the ope-excuse-me-can-I-help-you-with-that-ness.

The world needs the Midwest soul.

Every city has a soul. A personality and a voice and a vibe that can’t be found anywhere else.
This is not a soul that’s created by placemaking — although placemaking nurtures it. It’s not a voice that can be borrowed from a neighbor. It’s not solved by a sales packet that checks generic boxes.

It is unique. And you can find it if you’re observant. It’s in the large things and the small things. In the old-timers and the new kids. It’s etched in every brick and winding road, every varsity win and potluck, every weld and every seed. It’s a story written by friendly neighbors and shared experiences and four seasons. By hard work and even harder play. It’s industry and entrepreneurship and inspiration and compassion.

The Midwest is the best place in America — but it is not homogenous. And the biggest trap cities can fall into is allowing potential residents and investors think that one town is just like the next, letting generalized narratives rob you of your uniqueness and gloss over your advantages.

We’re in a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Midwestern cities. As people around the country realize the Midwest is an affordable, friendly, and safe place to locate, our region is ready to welcome them home. Communities can’t waste this moment.

It’s time to shake off old personas and tired thinking. It’s time to reinvent, and show off what makes your community unique. To market your assets and your quirks and your vision and your vibe. To get out of your municipal silos and get in front of a new generation of families and businesses.

We believe, Midwestern cities, it is time for you to speak.

We understand. You may not know how to walk this path. It is not in your municipal language. It is not in your nature to think of marketing, or your brand, or how sales can help you grow.

But it is in ours. It is in our nature to hear a city’s soul, to see with clear eyes what makes it magical. To help breathe that magic to life. It is our absolute belief that, without discovering and using your voice, you will never develop the tools to grab hold of the opportunities before you. You will be too distracted by the metrics of it all to rise to your purpose.

We believe in the Midwest. We believe in the land, and the people, and the ethics, and the water. We believe in the uniqueness of each and every city steeped into our soil. We believe that — with a little help — you can be everything you were meant to be. And that the residents and investors who were meant to find you will walk forward with a sigh of contentment.

We help cities speak. We help cities capture this moment. We help find their voice — be it a singsong leisure, blue-collar grit, high-tech shorthand, front-porch chitchat. We uncover it, we market it, we help you live it. And in doing so, we help you grow.

And in helping the Midwest grow, we help our world.