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Finding the Right Audience: How Your Brand Can Identify and Appeal to Those Who Matter

Webinar recorded: August 19, 2020 | 12 pm ET

As marketers, our messages are only effective if we’ve done the work to identify a strategic target audience. From a campaign’s visual tone to its outreach channels, your target audience sets the stage – and their response defines your success. When we find the right audience, we have potential to build a strategic community that can serve as an extension of our brand. But identifying and appealing to the most effective target market is easier said than done.

Turns out, your current customer base may not hold all of the answers. How can we differentiate between the people we think we want to reach, and the people we should be speaking to in order to accomplish our missions? When should we reach out of our comfort zones, and when might it actually be beneficial to dissuade certain audiences that don’t align with our brands?

This free webinar is Part Three in a three-part series from Jen Estill, principal and creative director at Redhead Design Studio. Jen will discuss steps you can take to identify the most strategic target audience for your brand, as well as how you can convert customers into a loyal community.

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Brand Leadership 101: When to Stand Up, Sit Down, and Take Action as an Ethical Marketer

Webinar Recorded: July 22, 2020

Building an ethical mission, vision, and values is a critical component of branding—and 2020 has certainly put these commitments to the test. Over the course of the past few months, we've seen some advertisers and brands use their power for the greater good by spreading awareness and, frankly, putting their money where their mouth is. But for every positive example, there have been more than a few cringe-worthy ones.

The fact of the matter is, brand values, leadership, and morality are being put under a microscope these days. At the same time, brands hold the power to create real, positive change. Taking a stand can make a mark on the world while solidifying our brands in the process—so how can we do it right?

This free webinar is Part Two in a three-part series from Jen Estill, principal and creative director at Redhead Design Studio. Jen will discuss how brands can walk the walk when it comes to ethical leadership and make their marketing a force for good.

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Weathering the (Next) Storm: How Your Brand Can Learn from this Crisis to Prepare for the Future

Webinar Recorded: June 17, 2020

If we’ve learned one thing from 2020 thus far, it’s that you never know what the future holds. The global pandemic was a wake-up call for those of us in marketing and branding, with many leaders scrambling for solutions. It changed the way we work (probably for good). Still, truth is, crises big and small will continue to happen—that’s why you need a plan.

In this free webinar, Jen Estill, principal and creative director of Redhead Design Studio, discusses how you can take three proactive steps to help your brand weather the next storm, whatever it may be. Instead of reacting to the next crisis, she’ll show you how to use what you’ve learned to put yourself in a stronger position for next time.