Redhead Design Studio

Racha Kardahji

Account Services Director

The creative field was not at the top of my list when I was thinking about the inevitable adulting phase of life. My thinking was far from it, actually. I imagined being part of the United Nations, saving the world and eliminating hunger or something pretty profound. I have always enjoyed solving problems and helping people.

I started school with the intention of being a political science major, but eventually landed with a bachelor's degree in marketing and management, with a minor in business administration from Northwood University. I went back for a master’s of business administration with a concentration in strategic management from Davenport University.

Luckily, Redhead allows me to work on projects that are fulfilling, challenging, and have an impact on the world around me—whether it's a campaign to end the stigma of breastfeeding, a project promoting the benefits of maintaining clean lakes or helping the Refugee Development Center.

Other than saving the world, I love to clean and organize. My husband and bonus child are not fans of Saturday mornings at our house. They cannot understand why we have chores when clearly they have been completed by some magic dust fairy, as the house seems to always be clean. There is no magic dust fairy. That magical being is me. I like things organized, clean, and easy to find. I don't need people calling me after I die asking for things like where their keys might be (it's usually the kitchen table). My hope is, at that point in my life/death cycle, I am no longer obligated or needed to answer questions, as I'm busy sunning myself with an ice-cold cocktail in hand.

My work life isn't that far from my home life. Sometimes I am referred to as the Google. Because when I don't know all the things, I find them out. I'm also a pretty stealth Googler. I love a good challenge. It's important to me that the team has everything they might need at the ready, clear and easy to locate. And if it's not, I figure it out. My day might include all of the following: balancing budgets, writing marketing plans, walking a client through a proposal/timeline/document/creative brief, helping a designer with an issue, proofreading, writing, brainstorming the next best thing, making cocktails, planning birthdays, helping with wireframes, and saying no.

That last part is the most difficult. Well, at least I used to think it was. Now I hand them out like they're going out of style. Growing up as a people-pleaser, saying no meant I wasn't helpful and I was an obstacle to the success of whatever it was I was saying no to. Now that I'm older and know better, I say no a lot. In fact, being multilingual I can tell you no in all sorts of ways. Not because it's fun—well, it is super fun—but because when it's the right answer, it makes every bit of difference to the success of a project, timeline, or, even waistline.

Racha Kardahji