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Creative Problem Solving, Design

Jill Zelenski Art Director

The easy answer: I’m a designer. I make things pretty. I design anything from marketing materials—like magazines, posters, and digital promotions—to completely overhauling a client’s identity (i.e. logo/brand). Oh, and the beloved annual reports. And websites. Don't forget those.

The academic answer: I am a creative problem solver. I work with my teammates to create engaging materials for our clients. Teamwork really does make the dream work. We all come together with our education and life experiences to create powerful and, frankly, beautiful, pieces. We are purpose-driven.

I like that our industry is fast paced. Keeps things interesting and keeps you thinking. So with that, I love the large scope of projects that come in. Variety, yo.

I have a bachelor's of fine arts from Michigan State University with a concentration in graphic design and painting. So thankful I was able to study what I did because there’s no way on earth I would make a somewhat decent mathematician, scientist, or engineer. But my path to design would meander a bit.

I started in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. Because who doesn’t want to be able to walk down the hall from your dorm room to class? While that was a nice perk, I only lasted there a year. Too much writing and philosophy. Then I took a stab at interior design. I love creating spaces that you can get lost in, filled with textures and colors. There was too much preciseness in math and science involved in interior design, so I moved onto where I should have started.

I knew deep down I wanted to cultivate the designer in me, but I didn’t listen to my gut because my quintessentially normal Midwestern upbringing told me an artist couldn’t make enough money to live. Let me be clear, my parents are wonderful human beings and always encouraged my creative brain. It’s more like the limited number of jobs and the not-super-high starting salaries in the industry were getting me down about making a living in the creative realm. But here I am today, with my BFA from MSU, working at Redhead. I'm right where I set my eyes from the beginning of my college career in graphic design—at a creative agency. Moral of the story? Listen to your gut. It’s OK to take the time to figure out what you want. Once you do, pursue it with all your might.

You can almost always hear me because I’m either humming, talking to myself, or giggling. I'm an abstract painter. Family is everything. I have a cat named Franklin. Sweating buckets in hot yoga is also a thing I do. And like all the other millennials out there, you can usually find me sipping on a glass of cab.