Redhead Design Studio

Janice Gervais

Web Strategist

I don’t sit still.

Not a fidgety, can’t-sit-at-a-desk kind of energy, but a need for major life change on a consistent basis. I don’t think it’s a "running from my problems" thing, more of a "need to see the world and live all I can while I'm here" thing—but I'll leave that to my therapist to judge.

It all started with an announcement over the loud speaker my junior year in high school, “If you want to be an exchange student, please come to the cafeteria during lunch.” I did. I lived in San Luis Potosi, Mexico for my entire senior year of high school. As a sheltered middle class midwesterner, it was culture shock. It opened my eyes and it changed my world.

From then on I have found it hard to stick with status quo. I’ve gone through a series of different career paths. An associates degree in drafting and tool design with an eye toward engineering. Switched majors, went into finance with the plan of being a real estate investor, eventually becoming a Realtor. Bachelor's degree in web development, which lead to a career as a developer and web strategist. This year, I added caterer to the list, opening a dinner to-go service featuring food inspired by our local farmers as well as a the global influence I’ve had. Like I said, I can’t sit still.

I have two daughters, a entrepreneur husband, two dogs, and a random number of chickens that fluctuates throughout the year.

I continue to travel the world. I make it a point to eat where the locals do and try as many different foods as possible—blood sausage in Puerto Rico, Shirasu-don (rice topped with a pile of tiny sardines) in Japan, roasted squab in Italy. By understanding the food, you start to understand the people and the place better.

I still make websites on a regular basis. Web strategy and development is what my brain knows and what I am best at. Food and travel is where my heart is.

Janice Gervais