Redhead Design Studio

Photo of Cindy Ochoa
MSU, degree expected 2020

Cindy Ochoa Front-end Development

What’s good, what’s really good? My name is Cindy, but you can call me later. I spend my time daydreaming that I'm a young creative strutting the streets of Chicago, pretending my credit card doesn’t have a limit and using Google’s incognito browser so no one finds out I still play Club Penguin. Wait.. this isn’t for my Tinder bio? Fine, let me start over.

I’ve convinced everyone at Redhead to think I’m as cool as our main web dev, Jake. I get the opportunity to work alongside him while he develops the functionality of a website and I work on giving him headaches while making the front-end look cool.

Outside of the studio I fully invest myself in my work, relationships, and communities. If I believe there is something worth doing, it’s worth doing very well, which is why I seek out incredible people who share the desire of creating a solution to a pressing problem within the community. We work on some pretty cool projects.

My curiosity has led me to design projects in the economic opportunity, food-scarify, accessibility, and autonomous vehicle sectors. For these projects I wore many hats, working as a facilitator, user experience (UX) and web designer. Collaborating with teammates to embody empathy and curiosity is a high priority of mine. I take pride in crafting solutions that establish growth.